Your words on stage: join the performance!

As much as I love the cybercommunity, there is no such a thing as hearing your sweet voices … your words are the matter shaping the African continent!

On the 10th of next month, Nairobi (Kenya) will be celebrating African poetry: poets and lovers of words will get the chance to perform in a variety of African languages.

If you would like to join this event, kindly send an e-mail to africanpoetry(at) including:

Your name
The language you would like to perform in
A short profile about yourself

I am well aware that some of you may not be able to make it to Nairobi and here is the good news: if you can record your piece in audio format and e-mail it to us, your words will find their way alongside those of your fellow poets!

Stay tuned for more updates and details of the programme…


2 thoughts on “Your words on stage: join the performance!

    • Hum… I was going to hold the suspense until the flyer is ready but, since you’re asking, the event will be held at the Kenya National Theatre (concert hall) from 4pm on 10th December. Karibu!

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