(off topic) Kickstarter: endangered alphabets in Bangladesh

Tim Brookes  is the man behind the endangered alphabets project which gathers information about different scripts, creates carvings in those scripts and makes them known around the world through exhibitions.

Along with Harvard graduate Maung Nyeu, M. Brookes is embarking on a remarkable path at the crossroads between arts and linguistics, designing children’s learning materials in Mro, Marma, Tripura, Chakma and other alphabets of southern Bangladesh.

[Maung Nyeu] says, “I’m trying to create children books in our alphabets – Mro, Marma, Tripura, Chakma and others. This will help not only save our alphabets, but also preserve the knowledge and wisdom passed down through generations. For us, language is not only a tool for communications, it is a voice through which our ancestors speak with us.”

I think scripts are a fascinating part of language and a very valuable part of human heritage.  10,000 USD are needed cover material expenses towards the completion of this educational project. If you have it in your heart (and in your pocket) to help out, you can head to the Kickstarter page and find out more.


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