Education Apps for All…in ALL languages

iLearn4free is an organisation whose  mission is to ‘support language diversity in education by encouraging and enabling the creation of digital applications for literacy‘. Taking advantage of the World Literacy Day (8th of September 2012), it launched the Education Apps for All challenge to bring about collaborations between apps developers and educators around the theme of elementary education.

The apps selected will be judged according to their relevance to elementary schools’ education, adaptability to different languages, usability, user interaction design as well as user engagement. Each team must include at least one educator and present an app in two different languages, with a possibility to eventually extend its use to other languages. Submissions shall start on 15th October 2012 and the winners will be announced on International Mother Tongue Day, i.e. 23rd February 2013.

The stated objective is to expand the range of digital educational tools available in languages other than English.

Part of iLearn4Free’s mission is to develop the free resource library Art4Apps :

We hope to help developers and educators create applications for educational use at a low cost through the use of our resources. The primary objective in sharing this database is to promote apps development in the field of literacy in an effort to support and sustain the diversity among world languages.

Following numerous user requests, Art4Apps is looking for linguists specialising in the Tooro / Rutooro language, spoken in western Uganda. If you are competent and interested, do get in touch with iLearn4Free to participate in this innovative project.

You can connect with iLearn4Free on Twitter (@iLearn4Free) or on their blog to read the latest updates and offer your contribution!

Informations pour les francophones sur le blog SecouezLeCours.

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