Music break: Iddi Achieng (dholuo + kiswahili)

Back from a 3-year contract touring Europe, Iddi Achieng performed last May in Nairobi, once again warming the hearts of music buffs with her unctuous melodies. Always full of vitality, she interprets songs in Dholuo and Kiswahili.

Here is a past performance recorded on International Women’s Day at Alliance Française de Nairobi:

In a recent interview for Sabahionline, she said:

My music is informed by my Luo and Kenyan culture. I sing 90% in Luo to fully express myself and the other bit in our Kenyan national language [Swahili] to pass important national social messages. I speak to Kenyans about their culture through music because I am also Kenyan so I know what Kenyan culture is.

Enjoy the music!

Interview in English: ‘Iddi Achieng: Music is the African Way of Life
Mahojiano kwa Kiswahili: ‘Muziki ni Mfumo wa Maisha wa Kiafrika’


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