So long a letter

Hello dear readers,

I have been away from this blog for over two months, caught up as I was in a whirlwind of traveling and figuring out my plans for 2013. Now I feel ready for an overhaul of Maneno Matamu! Read on for miscellaneous news and updates…

New publishing schedule

Here is the publishing schedule I intend to test in the weeks to come:

  • On Tuesdays, I will report on arts and media in African indigenous languages. This could involve a song, a blog, a book translation, a newspaper article, etc.
  • On Saturdays, we’ll introduce the theme of the week, which will be focused on a region or a particular language.
  • There will also be the occasional announcement or reblog of interesting content found elsewhere on the web.

What would you like to read on Maneno Matamu? I’m open to your suggestions in the comments section below or on Twitter.

Blogging, one year on

Birthday Cake

1 year anniversary ! Photo by Flickr user dixieroadrash

At Uhuru Park last year, I met a young academic who made my heart swell with pride. He told me his girlfriend had used the series on colours published here to prepare for an art class she was teaching in Kibera. I cannot say how much this simple ‘real life’ comment touched me.

I’ve let the anniversary date pass and it’s been over a year since I started Maneno Matamu. At the time, I mostly relied on my own enthusiasm for African languages and a fiery disposition for all forms of art. I really didn’t know what to expect: I just needed to share some things I felt deeply about. It would also avoid my recurrent trapping of friends in long-winded conversations on African languages, I reasoned.

Over time, a bit like travelling, this blog has brought me closer to people I would never otherwise have had a chance to interact with. They are people who write, translate, research, learn, and share a common passion for language, a special kind of delight found in the company of words.

I want to extend a warm thank you to all the readers, contributors and commentators who, over the past year, have made Maneno Matamu a place worth visiting. You have enriched my life in many meaningful ways and I hope I can return even a fraction of the favour to others.

See you all tomorrow for the Tuesday column 🙂

The Kancil.


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