Saraba Magazine: special issue on literary festivals in Africa

Saraba’s latest issue is a special feature exploring literary festivals through the eyes of writers Magunga Willams, Tolu Daniel, Ciku Kimeria, Nyana Kakoma and Julie Muriuki.

Each contributor reflects on the festivals they have attended and the impact these events have had on their writing life.

Once again, I am excited to hear that the issue of language is being addressed in these forums. Moses Kilolo (Jalada) was quoted on his commitment towards connecting anglophone and francophone literary scenes in Africa:

“Networks also grow very fast during festivals. In the 2015 Writivism Festival for instance, we were able to further conversations regarding bridging the gap between Anglo and Francophone literature scenes in Africa. From that we have been able to reach out to writers, translators and other interested parties who are participating in the Jalada Language anthology. Next year we hope to have a Francophone anthology as well. We had been having such dialogues, but not until we met with Edwidge Dro at Writivism did it become so powerfully possible.”

Moses Kilolo

To get a vicarious taste of Ake Festival, Storymoja Festival, Writivism and  Hargeisa International Book Fair, you can download the magazine here.

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