Brush up on your French at literary events in Africa!

If you’re following the African literary scene closely enough, you’ll definitely have heard of a number of book fairs and festivals being held across the continent, from Ake (Nigeria) to Cape Town to Nairobi.

But have you thought of looking up some off-the-beaten-path literary destinations where, on top of promoting your book, you can also brush up on your French? 2015 has been a year of rising interest in linking up the “anglophone” and “francophone” literary scenes and the time seems ripe to expand our horizons as readers and writers.

Here is a selection of festivals set to happen before the end of the year:


Salon international du livre d’Algers (SILA), 20th edition
October 27 – November 7, 2015
Algiers, Palais des expositions, Pins Maritimes

Burkina Faso

Foire internationale du livre à Ouagadougou (#FILO2015), 13th edition
November 26-29, 2015
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Salon du livre de Brazzaville, 3rd edition
December 4-8, 2015
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Foire internationale du livre et du matériel didactique de Dakar (FILDAK), 15th edition
November 11-16, 2015
Dakar, Centre International du Commerce Extérieur in Yoff.

There are many more book fairs coming up in 2016, stay tuned 😉

Thank you to Ciku Kimeria for nudging me to write this post.

Any important events missing from the list? Feel free to add them in the comments.


Maneno Matamu Poetry (Uhuru Park edition): the photos are out!

The technology fairy tells me that luck is on our side this time. In spite of a stubbornly defective memory card, I managed to upload the pictures of our last show which was held at Uhuru Park (Nairobi) on 3rd March 2012.

Thanks to a diverse panel of performers, we listened to poetry pieces in …

Swahili (Jemedari and Sentimental Floetry), Kimeru (Ngartia), Kikuyu (Ngartia, Njeri Wangari, Carol of Sentimental Floetry), Dholuo (Jacob Oketch and Patroba), Luhya (Namatsi of Sentimental Floetry) and Sheng’ (Gaz & Kuni, Teardrops) !

You can view the full set on Maneno Matamu’s Flickr photostream. For a sneak peak, see below:

We gathered on a sunny Saturday afternoon...

Jacob Oketch captivating the audience with his dramatic dholuo piece

The pretty lily pond at Uhuru Park (Nairobi)

Maneno Matamu poetry, 1st edition

It is still time to join the show…click here to find out how.

One of our performers, Richard Wambua, just created a Facebook event page: feel free to show some love!

Coming up: performers profiles !